Monday, February 13, 2006

3 hr cell phone hold

So, I was an AT&T customer in my previous life. Then, I met Jeff and we became AT&T co-members on a family share plan. Then Cingular bought AT&T wireless. And thus started this pain in that place where the sun rarely shines...

Because our plan was AT&T, we couldn't get any service from Cingular and we could use some of the Cingular services but not others. Fine. We decided to wait and just sign up for a new plan when our current one ran out in August of 2006. But then

Jeff lost his phone last night

and I went to a Cingular store to replace his phone. I got him the cool new Rokr that plays iTunes. I bought him a Bluetooth headset. What I didn't know was that I was buying hours of headache with it.

The cashier supposedly took Jeff off our family plan, migrated him to Cingular and gave him a plan of his own. When I called Cingular to migrate my number over to them, this is what my mind tells me now that happened:

- the cashier shouldn't have done what he did
- the 4 people I talked to at Cingular all had varying ideas of how easy was it to fix the problem (what problem? I wasn't entirely sure myself)
- I had to get a new number, which I had been avoiding because of job search issues and such
- If you want to call customer service, use a landline
- They deactivated my phone and said it would be re-activated sometime again (WHAT?)
- It finally was reactivated but now we are on 2 seperate plans and I am still with AT&T (Wait, wasn't the whole point to get me off of AT&T?)
- I have to go back to the store and get myself migrated apparently

I am starting to believe my immigration proceedings will be a piece of cake after this

Oh, and I have a new number. If you don't have it yet, check UMich directory or email me.


Allison said...

Well, here's one remedy for that "pain in that place where the sun rarely shines..." problem: sunbathe often.

It won't get rid of the pain, but the sun will shine there regularly. And you may get a nice even tan. (As if you needed one.)

Sylvie said...

hey the MI weather has made me ppale!

Anonymous said...

Evidence that you are not pale:

1. Autumn
2. Me