Friday, February 03, 2006

Valentine's Day date with INS

I got a letter from the INS today asking me to come into a service center (in CA) for my "biometrics" to be taken, which is just fancy terminology for fingerprints. The date they made the interview for?
February 14
good thing is I get to spend the day with El Jeffe
bad thing is I have to find a flight out to CA

Jeff also just informed me that he'd bought a ticket out to A2 for Feb. 18 to surprise me (isn't he THE sweetest?). So now this is what my next few weeks look like:

Feb 11: SI Revue 8-10 p.m.: MC and perform
Feb 12: 7:45 a.m.: fly out of DTW to Burbank
Feb 14: 9 a.m.: Have a nice date with the INS peeps
Feb 14: 9 p.m.: Fly out of Burbank back to A2
Feb 15: 6 a.m.: Get back to A2
Feb 18: Jeff gets into A2
Feb 22: Jeff and I fly out of DTW
Mar 5: I fly back to A2


Noor said...

I don't understand why the INS, a federal agency, operates like it is a state run agency. I mean really, how different will your fingerprints be if they took them in Detroit instead of Cali? It's also interesting to see that little has changed in the process since I got naturalized (before 9/11) and now.

Erika Doyle said...

Maybe they are trying to recruit you for a usability position...