Saturday, February 18, 2006

Amy for SOCHI board

To add to Da Choi's endorsement of Amy for a SOCHI officer, I would like to add my own two cents in.

Amy would be a perfect SOCHI officer for the following reasons:
- She knows more about HCI than I and I've served as a SOCHI officer for a year now (uhh, maybe not such a good thing to admit to but wth, I'm on my way out)
- She's smart, very very smart
- She can hold her liqour and she likes her liqour, unlike some other unnamed SOCHI officers, so it's a sure thing that she'll be at SOCHI happy hours week after week, making SOCHI even more fun
- I think she has contacts, and not mafia contacts like another unnamed SOCHI officer, but professional contacts
- Did I mention she's fun loving and likes her beer?
- I like her and that should be enough for people to vote for her

So, I would like to hereby officially endorse Ms. Amy for a SOCHI officer position.


Noor said...

did she buy you a beer, too?

I thought we weren't supposed to endorse anyone! Well, if we can endorse people, I'll add my own post on my blog as soon as all of the nominations are in.

Sylvie said...

no, no beer for me. This way, she owes me and I like it when people owe me.

agrude said...

Am I going to have to be Sylvie's bitch for the rest of the year?