Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Accessorizing the house

Before I start, let me ask y'all out there: WHERE THE HYECK ARE YA AND WHAT'S UP??? There is just way too much quiet on your blogs. I need to know what's happening, folks :-)

And now, news from us, we've finally started filling the bare walls of our apartment with personal things. It's slowly starting to look like home. Some more pictures are up at:


This webspace is going to change, by the way, since we alumni don't get tp keep our webspace anymore. I'll probably move everything to Jeff's Mac account.

We also put up some lamps on our patio that we picked up at Pier 1. I have to say that store might join my favorite stores list.

P.S.: Jeff was NOT, I repeat, NOT picked up at Pier 1 and hung on our patio :-P


Noor said...

I love Pier 1, and can spend way too much time and money there! I love those lamps! So cute!

I have some news . . . but won't be updating my blog until I have full details and I've signed on the dotted line! :)

Sylvie said...

Well, Jeff and I are waiting with our breaths held and Congrats, even if it is a little premature!

o said...

I feel out of the loop... but... I guess I'll just have to wait! :)

Noor said...

O - most people have been out of the loop! I've been tight lipped about it!