Friday, June 02, 2006

Twisting the 4th week away

I ended my 4th week at Lockheed Martin today by winning a Twist contest. They were having a Peers Awards ceremony and it was a 1950s theme. They had a hula and a twist contest. My wonderful boss dragged me into the Twisting and I won - a 1950s music CD and a burned CD of Twist music. Woohoo!

On the other hand, I still have no access to the online systems. But, I did attend a meeting yesterday for a project that's just beginning, so I don't feel all disoriented. Now, just waiting for online access so I can be a fully contributing member of the workforce.

Last weekend, Jeff and I used our very rare weekends together and went down to Historic Williamsburg and Busch Gardens. It was a very interesting trip. Jeff and I walked down a staircase that Washington is purported to have walked down and touched the bannistor his hands were on. We saw some old shops, a weaver's shop, a wheeler's place (where they were actually making wheels for a horse drawn carriage), silversmith's shop and a post office that was made to look like it would have a couple of centuries ago.

Busch Gardens was fun as well. We tried to do as much as possible before lunch time. So, we went on 2 water rides and their highest roller coaster It was so much fun!!! I held on to the lap restraint the whole time and screamed enough to lose my voice the next day. Jeff kept yelling "Why isn't this going faster?" untill I yelled at him to shutup.

Monday morning, we drove back and stopped off in Washington at the Indian consulate because I needed a new passport with my married name and Jeff needed a visa. The website stated that if we got our applications in between 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., we could pick up the passports in the evening at 4 p.m. Well, the applicationf or Jeff's visa had a spot for his photo and it said "Place 2 photos here." So we did. Mine said "place a photo here," so I placed one. When we got there, they told me I needed 4. Not only that, the fee for Jeff's visa was $150. We had stopped off at an ATM and gotten cash out, but needless to say, we got it all in 20s. They had no change at the consulate so they wouldn't accept Jeff's application either. Thank the heavens for my laptop, the GPS system on it and free wireless Internet outside the Embassy of Guyana. We found a CVS and got the photos done and money broken and went back. But, now they told us we had to come back on wednesday evening. ARGH!!!

Update: Went back wednesday and got the passports - we are on the way to India!!!

Photos from VA trip:
So, overall Baltimore is still treating us good.


Amy said...

if you liked williamsburg, you should let me take you on a tour of greenfield village the next time we're all in ann arbor (no idea if that will actually ever happen). the bed looks great :)

Madhu said...

Excited about meeting your folks? (dumb question, huh? :)