Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Can you tell which side is swollen?

Yesterday, I got my one and only wisdom tooth extracted. took them 5 minutes to numb me, 2 minutes to hammer the tooth out. And, now I hurt! I cannot imagine how people get all 4 done. Lucky for me, I have 1 that's missing and 2 that are so far up that they'll never come down in my lifetime, according to my doctor.


Allison said...

Unfortunately, yes. But, it's not that bad.

Erika said...

I can sympathize with you--I got my two lower ones removed when I was 17. The upside is that you will become quite the connoisseur of yogurt and jello products.

Sylvie said...

haha, actually I was on liquid diet after the dentist's visit yesterday. Then, I had 2 percocet by the time I went to bed. Today, I ate french toast for dinner :-) I think it was because the tooth was all the way out, they just had to yank it out.