Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bandit takes up excercising and calls Autumn out!

These pictures tell a story!

Bandit, worried about his health, decided to start walking more and keeping track of how much he was walking.
He lovingly shows it to Autumn, his current best friend:
Autumn shows her disbelief in his conviction and calls him FAT!!!
Bandit: "What? FAT? Look at me! I say just look at me! I am int he best shape of my life ever!"
And he proceeded to untie her halter top to prove his manliness!!!
But, he also got really upset at the pedometer and tried to eat it at the end:


srah said...

Oh my god, that's too cute!

Amy said...

Autumn looks like she is frightened by Bandit's mating dance.

Sylvie said...

He only got 400 or so steps in that day in 3 hours. Lazy bum!