Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday, September 24th: A lazy, lazy day

Ah, sleeping in never felt so good! We had started watching a Bollywood movie, Hum Aapke Hain Koun? (What am I to you? (literally)) Saturday night, but seeing that it was 209 minutes long, we left off somewhere in the middle. Sunday morning, we watched the rest, interrupting at some point to speak to my parents and show them our faces via webcam. They get such a kick out of watching Bandit run around. Even when the webcam's not on, my mom keeps saying she can hear his bell.

At 12:30, we had sausage egg biscuits - everything made from scratch (well, biscuits came out of a Pillsbury can, sausage out of a Costco box and well the eggs out of a carton, so as from scratch as can be without me chasing hens around), with hashbrown patties.

Then, at 2:30, we left for ... yes you are hearing right ... the Maryland Rennaisance Festival. It was fun, even though I forgot my discounted tickets at home, and we had to buy full price tickets. That just means we get to go again. I think the only reason I go to fairs like this is so I can eat things that I wouldn't in my normal daily life. Like:
  • Ice cream covered in King's special coating (something with coconut), deep fried and smothered in whipped cream.
  • A pound of mixed nuts, cinnamon roasted.
  • Steak on a stake.
  • Cheesecake on a stick, covered in dark chocolate.

I am glad we're going again because now I want that ice cream ... mmmm.


Amy said...

Sounds tasty.

The "All Around the World" map in the left corner, above your "Steps taken." It says "visits since 15 Sep 2006," and has pins all over the US & Europe....

Sylvie said...

oh, that shows where people are looking at this site from.

Amy said...


that's very cool. what a global blog you have goin' on :)