Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Weird Cravings

All day today, I wanted baked potatoes, bread pudding and kheer (Indian rice pudding). So, on my way home from the gym, I stopped off at the local grocery store and picked up some almonds for the kheer, sour cream for the potatoes and eggs for the pudding. I planned on being home before 6, which is when Jeff gets off work. Then, I would be showered and everything would be ready before Jeff even got home. Except, he called me at 5:30 to say he was getting off work early. So, I barely made it home, dragged my laptop to the kitchen so I could look up recipes; and Jeff was home.

I almost had a meltdown because the potatoes would take 90 minutes in the oven. Then, I saw my microwave. They might not have been as good as oven baked potatoes, but they took care of the craving.

The bread pudding, my very first attempt ever, turned out well. I added raisins and cardamom. Too much cardamom this time but it wasn't too bad. The kheer I haven't eaten yet, because the biscuits and beef stew we had was really filling (well, alongwith the potatoes and pudding).

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