Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lucky? I think I might agree

Jeff thinks I am so lucky ... because
  1. In 2002 or 2003 summer, we went to an A's game, where I saw a pink A's baseball cap being sold outside the stadium. I wanted it and on the way out of the park, I asked the guy how much it was. He said $5 and I told him I only had 3 singles. The guy said ok and gave it to me for 3. Jeff couldn't believe it.
  2. Last month in New York, we went into a Starbucks near our hotel for some coffee for Jeff. I was just checking out the sales rack, and saw a Cranium game for 9.99. I take it up to the counter; the saleswoman scanned it and told me it was free. I thoguht she was kidding but she said that it was past the date they could sell it so she had to give it to me for free. Yay! We had fun that night playing some brainiac games :-D.
  3. Last Saturday I went to Jeff's work with him and spent some time at the new Macy's, which used to be Hecht's. I had seen a skirt there a while back which was too rich for my blood at $149. I found it again, and it was on sale for $74.50. They were having some special sale so I scanned it with a price checker and it told me to ask a salesperson. I did who scanned it and said it came up at a penny! I paid $7.45 for a skirt that was originally 150.

I hope this lucky streak keeps with me!

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