Thursday, October 05, 2006

Foley's Folly

Ahh politics. I vowed once to never indulge in political debate. to that effect, I have very rarely blogged about political happenings. Every now and then, somethign will trigger a small venting. But, today is amazing. I wasn't going to say anything about Foley and the scandal but Mark has something on his blog that I said to my husband, Jeff this morning. The comparison Republicans are drawing between Foley-underage page and Clinton-Lewinsky!

When the Republicans accuse the Democrats of using the Foley scandal to take American attention away from elections ... does that remind anybody of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal? And to top that, Lewinsky was not underage. And Clinton did not head any caucuses (caucusi?) against sexual relations with consenting adult women. Foley headed committees against the same thing he did.

Sick? Hypocritical?

On top of it, Fox News had the gall to represent Foley as a Democrat in one of their news clips. How low can you get guys? Hey, if you don't have an excuse for your own man, claim he doesn't belong in your camp at all!

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