Thursday, October 26, 2006

How low can you go?

Would you go as low as suggesting that somebody was pretending to suffer the effects of your life threatening, debilitating disease, in order to support your political views?

That's what Rush Limbaugh did when he accused Michael J. Fox of shaking too much when he appeared in ads supporting Democratic incumbents, showing his support also for stem cell research. Limbauh apparently suggested that Fox had not taken his pills or was acting. As my husband said. this comes from a guy who believes in over medicating.

A number of Bloggers out there have commented that if "Fox wants to enter the political arena, he shouldn't be above criticism."

I don't think this is a matter of being above or below criticism. This is a debate on whether Limbaugh was a donkey (my mother reads this) when he made fun of Fox's disease. I think it is abhorrent no matter what Fox was saying or standing for when Rush made the comments about his condition. The fact that Fox was in a political ad should definitely lead to discusisons and debates on the content of that ad and what he's standing for and whether we aree with it or not. It shouldn't be a debate on whether Fox really is that sick or not. Even if they prove that Fox did not take his medications that day, so what? He did that before in 2002 and he said he did it to show the public what this disease does to people. Sometimes, we need to be shocked into action. Maybe the right wing wuold just like to take all the diseased and suffering and put them in a dark underground dungeon so we can pretend nothing's wrong in the world and everything's hunky dory in the world ruled by them.

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apete said...

I thought is was funny that you called Rush a donkey. I know why but he is such an so many ways.