Thursday, October 05, 2006

A wall separating 2 nations

Am I the only one who thought, "just when I thought things couldn't get worse," when he or she heard about the Congress passing the Bill to build 700 miles of fence across the Mexican-American boder? What comes to our minds when we hear about this fence being built? The first thing in our mindsat my house was the Berlin Wall. Wasn't it an American President who asked for that wall to be taken down? And now another American President is putting one up. Even though, as stated in an article in USA today, "The Bush administration argues that a Berlin Wall-style barrier would be a huge waste of money — costing up to $8 billion;" what difference does it make if a wall is made of steel or bricks and mortar? It's a wall between 2 nations implying one is telling the people of the other to stay out.

The current administration is making the point that we'll stop terrorist incursion by building this barrier. Excuse me, but does anybody remember how the terrorists who inflicted the horror on this country on 9-11 got into the U.S.? They didn't walk across the U.S-Mexico border. They didn't swim across from Cuba. (By the way, any plans on mining the waters to stop those people from trying to boat over, too?) They didn't run through some forests from Canada. NO! They were given student visas by American Consulates and let into the country at an airport. to stop that from happening again, we are building a fence at our border. Does that make sense? The incompetencey of the consular employees, the ineffectiveness of the immigration laws that educational institutions were not following, and the INS was not regulating ... that's what's to blame. Not the poor people who come across the border with hopes of finding a job for $3 an hour that they can send back and feed their whole family for a week with.

Why is it that anytime anybody questions the current government's actions, the word "terrorist" crops up? If they are taking actions that make no sense, it's to stop the terrorists. If anybody speaks against their actions, that person is most definitely a freedom hater and a terrorist sympathizer.

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