Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Another night of firsts: Tapas and Mozart

Jeff and I decided to cath some culture in Baltimore last Saturday. Best intentions and all that. We had reservations at La Tasca, a tapas restaurant, at the Inner Harbor for 7 p.m. Then, we had tickets to the Symphony whcih began at 8. Cutting it a little close, but we've done closer before and made it. We were going to see Mozart's Requiem.

We didn't get to the restaurant till after 7 and they didn't get our orders till 7:30. We got a chicken and a lamb tapas dishes. The lamb was cold! The dessrts, flan and coffee mousse, were wonderful! So was the apertif I had, Licor 43. I need to find that in a store someplace.

We didn't get to the Symphony till Intermission, making us miss a Cello Concerto, but we made it in time for the Requiem. A coworker of mine had bought tickets with us and I was supposed to pick her up. I had to call her and tell her we'd meet her there during Intermission. Except, we get there and I couldn't find my phone! Then, I couldn't find our tickets. Thankfully, we found our tickets and our seats.

The show was amazing. It was my first Symphony. People had warned me that the Requiem was a dark piece but I had a completely different experience. I enjoyed it immensely. As long as I didn't read the translation, I thought it was uplifting.

So, all in all, I got to dress up and eat some good food and watch half of a really good Symphony.

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