Monday, November 27, 2006

I counted to 10 but it didn't help

So, I decided to wait a few days before seeing if I still felt so strongly about what our President has decided to do now to women and families. He has decided to appoint a right wing, ultra Christian, anti-birth control provider, abstinence is the only birth control believer Dr. Eric Keroack to head up the family planning programs at the Department of Health and Human Services.

WHAT??? Let's list the pros and cons of this guy.

- He's a doctor
- He's an OB-GYN

- He believes that abstinence is THE only form of birth control that should be used
- He believes that distributing contraceptives demeans women
- He believes contraceptives increase out-of0marriage pregnancies
- He opposes abortion, birth control and sex education
- He's said that premarital sex makes women unable to form long lasting relationships
And so on.

I went to the website for A Woman's Concern where Keroackw as Director and in one of the FAQs, this is what I found:
"Q: How can I know if my boyfriend really loves me or is just with me for sex?
A: One way to find out how sincere he is would be to stop having sex. You don't want to use sex as a way to get something from him, but the risks that you are exposing yourself to and your concern about his motives suggest that putting sex off might be a good plan. If he really cares about you, your guy will respect your feelings and not pressure you. "

Am I the only one who wants to slapt he person who wrote that answer?

Another pearl of wisdom:
"Q: If I have sex at an early age but don't get pregnant or get an STD, how could it affect me?
A: Having sex at an early age often has an intense emotional impact on the people involved. In particular, breaking up can cause serious emotional pain including anxiety, heartache, guilt, and regret. "

Are they saying if you breakup with sombody you did not have sex with, it won't cause heartbreak, guilt, regret etc.?

I really cannot believe what Bush is doing, wait a second, I don't KNOW what he's doing. IS he just mad at the Democrats takign the House and the Senate back? Is he mad at the American people who voted for the Democrats? Is this his retaliation?

I think I might just move back to the Middle Ages. At least I wouldn't be expected to raise kids, cook, keep a clean house AND bring home a living wage. I could just be discriminated against and given no rights, but look pretty in poofy dresses and high heels and not be expected to have brains. If I am going to have my rights taken away, just take them all away. Make my man take care of me because my brain is too small.

What can we do about this issue? Maybe nothing but NOW has decided to send petitions to HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt to remove Keroack from the position or move him elsewhere. If you care anything about this matter, please go and sign the petition now!

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