Thursday, November 09, 2006

The House and Senate changes but will anything else?

I know everybody's drinking the bubbly and patting each other on the backs (everybody Democratic, that is) about what happened in the midterm elections this year. The Democrats have won back the house and almost the Senate. I am very glad about this; however, a word of caution to everybody who's staggering around giggly and starry eyed right now.

What is the plan?

That's a very important question for whoever's in power. Just the label "Democratic" does not mean everythign hunky dory. They need a plan too. They are in THE hot seat now. For months we've heard them say they have a plan but never really what that plan is. They can't just keep spewing the same line over and over again and expect the country to just lie back and take their word. We need to see something solid. What is their plan? For the soldiers in Iraq and for the people here. Is there a step by step plan to end the occupation (yes, it's an occupation; do not argue with me. ) in Iraq?

I don't have answers but as an American national, I believe I am allowed to ask questions of my leaders without knowing the answers. I expect them to have the answers to the BIG questions. Afterall, that's why we have them leading the country, right?

The Democratic party needs to realise they have 2 years now to show they have some spine and some cojones.

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