Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Almost 1 year out

October 30 last year., I had my stomach shrunk to the size of a small coin purse, if you may. Almost a year later, and I am going in tomorrow to egt my gall bladder removed. I even saw the big shiny stones on the MRI.

But, that's not really what I wanted to talk about. We went to Six Flags on Sunday for a Lockheed Martin employee picnic. I got on rides with my sister and for the first time since we went to Busch Gardens in 2006, I felt comfortable. What I never mentioned in that post on June 2, 2006 was that they had to ask me to sit back just a little more so they could tighten the restraint and they asked a gentlman behind me to get of the ride because he wouldn't fit in the seat. That whole ride, I was scared my restraint would give way and I would fall to my death. And last year, when we took my dad to my company's picnic, I did not get on any ride because I was embarrassed I wouldn't fit into any seats.

Not so this year. They even pushed the restraints down all the way and I was happy. I enjoyed the rides without fearing the belts were going to open up and I was going to die a splattery death.

I had forgotten how much I lvoe roller coasters!

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