Monday, March 01, 2010


I love lists. I get work done very quickly and errands run more efficiently if I make a list. I usually have a scrap of paper for everyday with things written down that I need to do. Now, I do have that new fangled piece of technology called the iPhone and I love it. It stores my passwords, it reminds me when I need to buy tickets for Russell Peters (which, by the way, I have tickets for - April 25th in DC), it even allows me to take random cute photos of the puppy! However, the one thing I cannot do is make my to-do lists on there. I mean, I am physically capable of doing so, but then I forget that I made a list in there and forget to do stuff. Important stuff.

So, this is what I carry around usually. Today was a bad day, I had 3 pieces of paper. And, as you can see, some things get repeated on different sets of paper.

But then, this afternoon, I walked into the resource center at my work and viola! What do I see? This:

I love it. The pen it came with doesn't work but I have a tiny pen that fits in there. And, I can see the first page without opening it. So, I can just read my list through the cover. I am excited!
I am lame, yes?

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