Monday, December 25, 2006

- 1 till takeoff

So, my next post will be from India, just thought I'd tell y'all that. We flew from BWI to Burbank, CA on the 23rd, and have been enjoying wonderful weather, the family and pets (2 puppies, 2 cats and a newt). Had an enormous Christmas Eve dinner last night with an amazing keilbasa soup that Jeff's mom cooks and pork chops and fish and mushrooms and slaw and oh my too much food. Then, we woke up and opened gifts, and ate too much yet again at breakfast. Now, we are all packed, our big siutcases are in the back of Jeff's dad's car and tomorrow, we'll be getting on our trans-atlantic flight to New Delhi, via Chicago.

Hasta la vista! Talk to you from India, folks.

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Madhu said...

Have a safe trip and a great time in India, Syl.