Wednesday, December 13, 2006


So, why do people have a problem with this movie? Is it really worse than let's say, the Saw movies? Where, in the first movie, we had somebody saw his foot off to get out of shackles? Or, in the second one, we saw a woman thrust into a pit full of dirty syringes. And, that was mostly fiction. What Mel tried doing is portraying what might have happened historically. Yes, there was violence, and yes, we saw people killing people. What are we doing in Iraq? Is it really different because then, they used hands and knives and got right up to each other's faces when killing the other; versus now, when we have long range guns and missiles and we can kill others without ever seeing their face?

So, bottom line, I enjoyed the movie except for the ending. Will talk about that a few weeks from now when I might have a better chance of not spoiling it for somebody out there.


srah said...

Wow, I hadn't heard anything about controversy due to violence in the movie... just that people don't want to see it because Mel Gibson's an a-hole.

Sylvie said...

YEah, heard it on the radio and on tv about how it was full of gratuitous violence.