Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday party and exotic animals

Chalk up another busy weekend for the Williamses in Baltimore. This weekend (Saturday to be exact) was my company's holiday party at the swanky Renaissance Harborplace Hotel.

Jeff and I even dressed up swanky. So did my boss and her fiance.

See the rest of the pics from the dance at my Yahoo Album.

Sunday, Jeff and I went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. They had a really cool movie on Australia and how a certain region floods half the year and has drought and wild fires the other half. Then, we saw cool fauna from Australia. We also saw dolphins being trained. We didn't see half of the aquarium because of hunger issues but we have free tickets to go back. Check out the cool animals in the Aquarium photos on my Yahoo!

We also ventured out to Historic Fells Point after the aquarium. It's a really quaint little area, with small shops and cobblestone roads. We had lunch there at a place called Burritos en Fuego. I have to agree with Jeff that that was the best Mexican food we've had since we moved out of CA.


Aik68j said...

Did you know you had family in Maryland (Aunt,Uncle Niece and Nephew) only 45 min away (according to mapquest) The way the traffic on I-95 about 25 Give us a call when you get a chance Love to do some family things

Sylvie said...

I KNOW!!! I have been pestering Jeff to call you. We will, as soon as we return from India.