Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The FEDEX conspiracy against me

In 2004, Jeff and I packed up all my belongings into 8 pieces of luggage and 4 boxes. The luggage was going to fly with us from Oakland, CA to Detroit, MI. The boxes were shipped via FEDEX.

The luggage made it. The boxes didn't. The boxes had all my important documents, files, gifts from people. FEDEX had to refund me the shipping money. The boxes resurfaced 2 weeks later at another apartment building 2 blocks down from my apartment building. Some things were broken. FEDEX had to further pay me for my broken stuff.

Fast forward to 2006. I bought a garment bag from that was shipped via FEDEX. Online tracking system says it was delivered to an alternate address and signed for by LLEASING. Nobody in my leasing office saw the FEDEX guy yesterday.

You decide: incompetency, coincidences or a conspiracy against me?

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O said...

Don't worry - it's not just you. I made up my mind about Fedex when, following the spirit of their service promise to always deliver your important documents directly to you, the delivery guy gave the package containing my I-20 to my senile neighbor in Moscow and failed to even leave me a notice.
It took me about a week to track it down.
They are truly incompetent.