Sunday, December 31, 2006

December 27th: Day 1 in India

We landed in one piece!!! We met our first friend, Nate from CA, at the baggage claim within 10 minutes!!! We got all our luggage!!! We did not get hassled at customs!!! We found my dad, sister and uncle as soon as we stepped outside the airport!!!

Whew! Long flight. It wasn't too bad. We slept as well as we could, we were well fed and we landed safely. What else could we want?

We put our gazillion suitcases in the car and tied on top. We got yelled at by a cop because the driver parked in front of the police station. But, no arrests. On the way to the International Council of Agricultural Research's (ICAR) International Guest House, the driver got on an on ramp where he was supposed to follow the road on the left. Now, in the U.S., we'd go on and find the next off ramp and find our way back. Not in India. The driver just backed up off the ramp and wet the right way.

By the way, they have driving lanes and traffic lights but nobody follows any of the rules.

We stayed the night at the ICAR guest house in the VIP Suite (Jeff and I had one, Nate had one and my family had one).


Amy said...

Congrats on the Indian version of your wedding & your one year anniversary!!!

shalz said...

since when did Indians become "they" from "we"?

Sylvie said...

I am sure I meant "they" as in people who live in India and "we" as in people who live in America. If I said, "we drive on the left side of the road," it would be wrong.