Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Burger King Shmurger King

So, I decided to stop by the BK this morning for some breakfast because the puppy kept me up late and I didn't have time this morning to eat before leaving for work. I place an order through that neat little box that says, "Check your order here for accuracy." I got 5 piece french toast sticks, small hash browns and a sausage biscuit. Well, it never showed me my order and I could barely hear the person. She did say my total which sounded right, so I drove up to the first window. Nobody there. I drove up to the second window. Ah-hah. Person who took my money and handed me a bag and then an orange juice box. I didn't order one. I look in the bag and see hash browns but the sandwich says Croissant-something. So, I politely tell the lady that that's not my order. She takes it back and hands me another one. By now, there's a long line of people behind me so I leave. When I start eating my breakfast, there are no hashbrowns in the bag!!!

It's the same person who looked at the screen to get my money for what I ordered. She got the money right but not my order. Twice. No more drive throughs.

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Timnaat Zubedi said...

You should complain on BK's website. My co-worker just told me about it and you know what...they give coupons for next time. :-)