Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jeff is a genius and Noor went linedancing

Yes, a weird combination of titles but that's waht it was last weekend.

Jeff was in Cupertino, CA for the first 2 weeks of April, training to be a MAC Genius. If you ever have or ever do walk into an Apple store, you'll notice a Genius bar. That's where he'll be from now on.

Y'know you're paranoid when you think somebody's trying to break into your apartment because your cat's just sitting there staring at the door. Even when you know the cat's not a very smart cat. The first night Jeff was gone, I probably slept a total of 3 hrs and that too in shifts. After that, it got a little easier. I only woke up every time the cat, the neighbors, somebody outside made a sound.

But, in the middle of those 2 weeks, I went out to CA to visit Jeff and see the Apple campus. I got there Friday afternoon and we drove up to Davis to visit his sister and brother in law. We ate some really good Mexican food (I miss tghat here in Murrland). The next day, we drove back down and met up with Tim and Nate and had dinner at P. F. Changs.

I think we might be addicted to their Beef a la Sichuan and Kung Pao Scallops. I also love their plum wine.

After dinner, we headed over to our old haunting ground, The Saddlerack. Tim and I did the ever popular electric slide.

Where, hold your breaths, Noor and Olga joined us after a bit. We couldn't get Olga to leave her chair but Nate got Noor to show some moves. Jeff and Nate also showed some of their mad Bhangra skills they learned in India.


Aik68j said...

Congrads Jeff

Noor said...

omg those photos are hilarious!