Monday, April 16, 2007

Bursting at the seams!

And no, I ain't talking about my newly gained love handles :-P

I put this announcement off because Jeff and I wanted to be sure, absolutely sure of this before telling everybody else!

Jeff and I are going to be ....


(Hahaha, how many of you thought that was going to say parents?)

A few months ago, we started our house search because we were just tired of living in an apartment building and paying somebody else's mortgage. We looked at some townhomes in the town, Columbia, that we were dead set on. Jeff's parents sent us some links for new housing projects and we found one right next to Columbia in Elkridge that we decided to go look at.

These are new condominiums, that'll be done by December or January. We picked the one on the ground floor because we are tired of the 3rd floor and we also would like to blast our subwoofer without somebody downstairs coming up to tell us we're affecting their "quality of life." Seroiusly, that was said in a letter penned to us by the lady downstairs.

Ryan Homes just called me today to say our building will be started in 2 weeks and we get to meet the project manager on Wednesday. We are SO EXCITED!!! We are in the second condo building and we saw the foundation for it being put in. I can't wait now to follow our house beign built from beginning to end. We'll try to keep up a photologue of the process.

You can see the floor plan of the Hampton Court, which is what our building is called.


Anonymous said...

I'm with the woman downstairs. The people above me are so loud all the time and it really does affect my qualit of life. Having loud upstairs neighbors is terrible. (So be kind) :)

Congrats on being a homeowner! Or... a soon to be in existance home owner.

Sylvie said...

Well, I don't need you or her coming upstairs at 8:30 on a freakin' Saturday telling me to turn down my TV, which I cannot hear from outside my own door.

According to the law, it is not loud noise unless it can be heard 100 ft outside my closed door.