Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's Colin and Brad's Line Anyways

Jeff and I saw Colin Machery and Brad Sherwood at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall tonight and they were AWESOME! I have always enjoyed the show, Who's Line Is It Anyways?, and they did not let me down tonight.

On the other hand, I think the wonderful people of Baltimore ensured that Colin and Brad will never return to this area. I'll explain in steps why not:

1) They played the puppet game, where 2 members of the audience have to move them according to the scene. Colin and Brad explained to this couple how to move their arms, head and legs. As they are doing the scene, the woman moves Brad and the guy responsible for Colin stands back with his arms crossed. For a good 2 or 3 minutes. Then he only moves Colin's arms. When it's painfully obvious that Brad needs to walk somewhere, the guy kicks his in the shins. I am not kidding you, this guy kicked Brad's shins and ankles and calves to get him to move.

We were talking about how this guy was embarrassing himself and coulsn't he see how his wife was doing it. At the end of the game, Brad mentioned that the woman kept talking throughout the thing, saying things like "Wheeeee!," "Here we go now," etc.

2) The next game was the film styles and they picked a woman from the audience to call out a a different style everytime they said freeze. They had cards with the things written on them, she just had to read them. She did good till she asked them to do the scene in the syle of film noor. I didn't know Noor had her very own film style. Then Brad read the card and corrected it to Noir.

3) Sound effects! Usually a little hard for people because even though you know the sound effect in your head, you really might not know how it should sound coming out of your mouth. But, the guy they picked for Colin's sound effects did farting sound smost of the time and randomly.

4) The did a game that combined 5 other games for which they had another audience member come up to read a different game whenever they said freeze. The games were One syllable only, Questions only, If you know what I mean, Substitution etc. This woman, II swear, was auditioning to work a 1-900 line. She was using her best bedroom voice and even Brad wondered how much she'd had to drink.

Brad and Colin, at one point mentioned that this was the weirdest crowd they'd ever worked with and it was scary when they were the most adjusted people in the room. They might have been sayign something they say to every crowd but it probably never rang truer than last night. At one point, Jeff and I wanted to jump up and say, "We are not from here!!!!"


Amy said...

Dude, that drunk groom from your bachelorette party shoulda been there!

Sylvie said...

oh God, I am not sure he even made it to his wedding the next day!