Sunday, January 26, 2014

1 week and a potluck down

First week of elimination diet down! Only some unintended cheating (tasting while cooking for Oli and Jeff) and 1 intentional cheating at a potluck (1 small potato latke and 1 spoonful of noodle kugel); I would say it's been a successful week. Wish I could say progress in terms of weight lost too, but remember how I was made to put my best friend away? So, I won't know if this is making any change in the digits till Thursday.

But, I will tell you I am proud of myself and would pat myself on the back if I could without hurting myself. I sat at a potluck and watched folks eat, while I drank water for 4 hours!!! I didn't know I had that kind of willpower inside me. I went, totally expecting to cheat on the diet and regretting it in the morning. Like so many of those college mornings .. uhh what? Forget I said that.

Have you been to a potluck? Nobody brings healthy, green vegetables, with protein dips made with PB2 powder and face cream cheese that's fluffy and has negative calories. No, the tables are laden with yummy, good smelling, hearty, comfort foods ... mmmm. And I consider it a big step towards a healthy and right choices future if I was able to get through a potluck without shoving my face into the whole container of latkes. Now, I won't be this restricted forever, but for the 7th day of the diet, I really wanted to be good and I was. I stayed on the wagon ... only leaned over to lick the wheel a couple times.

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