Sunday, January 19, 2014

1st dental appointment!

& he was a champ! 20 great looking teeth, a lightly smaller jaw than the teeth need (might need braces sometime in the future), and a pleasantly surprised dentist ... that's what we came away with from Oli's first dental appointment. He was such a trooper, he did everything the dentist said, he even asked the dentist questions about the equipment, and demanded his toy prize at the end.

Suggestion for parents before their toddler's first visit, based on what we did:
  • take him to a visit for your appointment; we took Oli to Jeff's appointment a few days prior and it helped
  • talk to him about what the dentist will do - count your teeth, brush them, wash your mouth out etc. 
  • promise him a sticker or a small gift at the end, it's surprising how much my kid is motivated by the thought of a prize, even if it's a sticker
Here are some photos of Oli at the dentist:

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