Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 4 of the wonderful vegetable diet

yeah, yeah I skipped day 3. There was nothing of note, nothing major, nothing to see.

Shake in the morning, quinoa tabbouleh in the afternoon and veggie juice in the evening.

Flavor is what I miss right now, not sweets, not breads, flavor. Just garlic and lemon is not doing it for me. I seriously hope I can go back to something spicy after all this is done. My taste buds are dying for a hit of habanero, won't somebody hide a jalapeno pepper inside a shank and deliver it to me?

The tabbouleh wasn't too bad, it was actually delicious and I think I"ll keep the recipe for a side salad with dinners. Parsley, mint, cucumber, celery, onion, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper ginger, all chopped up together into a nice salad. Add cooked quinoa enjoy.

Now, the veggie juice, not so much.Once again, some of the same things, cucumber, celery, spinach, mint and water. My Vitamix couldn't even take the grittiness out of it. So, it's ok and I pour it down my gullet like Drano going down your kitchen sink.

That's what's for lunch today too, I'm enjoying it as I type this out. YES I SAID ENJOYING! If I don't convince y'all it's enjoyable, how am I going to delude myself? But, I have something to look forward to tonight!!! Chicken fajita salad. Yummy cabbage, onions, cooked with garlic, cumin, served with chicken. Over greens for me, without salsa (SOB). In tortillas for the boys.

I think the best part about this is that the dinners are mostly edible by Jeff and Oli as well. Except for the juice, they outright said no to that.

What? I sound a little bipolar in this post? YOU WOULD BE PSYCHOTIC if you had to give up your hot sauces too. Or something you love as much as I love my hot sauces. Like your first born. Or something.

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