Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 2: a bit better

Yes, I am going to talk about this everyday. I'm going through it, I don't have the option to ignore it. You can NOT read the posts.

Wait, am I already getting nasty? Am I on edge? Nah, not yet. These headaches are starting to get old though. They start about mid day and don't go away till I go to sleep.

Today started late since it was a holiday; I didn't get my morning shake in till almost 10. Same shake as yesterday, veggies, almond milk, spirulina. I didn't finish that till almost 12, so I didn't have any lunch.

Snack was almond butter with some veggies.

Dinner was another great recipe that even Jeff loved. It was rainbow trout baked with just some fresh lemon. Served on greens with some unsweetened coconut flakes and macadamia nuts. It also had some homemade basil pesto on top that was delicious. Steamed broccoli was there too, except I used my steamer for the first time and I overcooked them, but the mush was yummy.

I made shepherd's pie for Jeff and Oli, I took a couple bites and it took great self control not to eat a whole bowlful of it.

It's not hard or easy, it's just different. 

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