Sunday, January 07, 2007

December 31st: Day 5 in India

The Third Day of Festivities!

We got up relatively late at 9 a.m., had some tea, showered and went home. All the relatives form my Dad's side had come t the wedding from is village in Jammu, Billawar. We had breakfast with everybody at home. We tried to rest in the morning because there was a New Year's party at our house that night.

We also did some customs that are traditionally done at the in-laws' house when th bride and groom get there. We had to untie those 7 knotted string that my mamiji had tied. I went first and then, Jeff took reaallllllly long. Then, we had to fight for those 2 strings, a 1 Rupee coin and a gold ring in a bowl filled with milk, water and flower petals. Whoever won would be the dominant one in the relationship for the rest of our lives. Guess who won?

There was more food, drinks and dancing to close 2006 out.
Even my 96 year old grandmonther got up and danced!

At midnight, my parents brought out firecrackers and they were lit in the middle of the street in front of our house, under electrical wires. Only the Americans: Nate, Madelyn and Jeff seemed worried :-)

So, 2007 was brought in with a bang!

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