Monday, January 15, 2007

January 12th: Last day in India

Spent the day in Delhi, took my sister out to dinner at TGIF. Also met Anjuli's dad and picked up some stuff for her.

Interesting time at the airport. We went through almost 20 steps of security before getting into the plane. I felt more secure there than anywhere else. This is what I remember of checking in that night:

1. At the main entrance to the airport, a couple of guards checked our tickets before letting us in. We never have our electronic tickets printed so I panicked for a second. But the guard let us in saying we'd have trouble leaving if the tickets were not confirmed.

2. All our checked in luggage was scanned by an x-ray machine and tied with a plastic band. We also had the option of getting it shrink wrapped for 150 Rupees each. It's better we didn't because TSA opened one of our bags in Chicago. Probably because of the sword in it.

3. As we stood in line to check in the scanned luggage, an airline personnel asked us some thousand questions about our luggae, if we bought it, if we packed it, if anybody gave us something, what elecgtronics we had, how long had we owned them etc.

We also had another lady ask us if we'd be willing to take a flight the next day for $500 and a $500 voucher and a one night stay in Delhi. We were tempted but Jeff had to work the next day and I didn't want to do the tearful goodbye to my parents a second time.

4. There were two steps to check in our luggage. There were even 2 counters; at the first one, a lady put the airline stickers on it and following that, the bags were weighed, fines were paid for 2 overweight bags, and they were finally checked in.

5. We had to go through Customs again to leave the country. Weird! We had to fill out a departure sheet and leave that with the Customs lady.

6. We were finally at the security check for our carry on luggage and person. Men and women had to go through different machines. All women were wanded down behind a curtained down area. All our carry on bags were stamped.

7. Now, we were at the gate. When our boarding group was called, they checked our passport and boarding pass. They also checked the stamps on the carry on luggage.

8. On the way to the plane, all our carry on bags were opened. This was exciting since the silver jug and glass set my parents bought us had underwear in it.

I swear that after I got on that plane, I felt more secure than ever.

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