Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Remembering things

Now that I am somewhat coherent and know what time or day it is, here are a few things Jeff and I found different/weird in India:

  1. Doormen at every place: Domino's, restaurants, sometimes even restrooms
  2. They leave their cars running while getting gas
  3. There are no self service gas pumps
  4. They are very conscious of what's "in fashion." I stopped counting the number of times I was rebuked for askign for somethign that was "not in fashion" currently.
  5. Cherries in cocktails and on sundaes were unpitted; very uncomfortable the first time you find that out
  6. Lays has special flavors there; we loved the India Magic Masala. The other 2 we saw there were American sour cream and onion and Italian.
  7. Kitkat and coke tasted very different from the ones in the States
  8. Some cities have strict traffic laws and people obey. As soon as we entered Chandigarh, my Dad and the driver put their seatbelts on and the driver said he would not speed. Everywhere else, it's mayhem.
  9. Car makers that I didn't see there 7 yrs ago and are now there but with very different models:
  • Honda City
  • Ford Fiesta, Ikon
  • Toyota Innova, Qualis
  • Hyundai Getz, Santro
  • Chevrolet Tavera
  • Mitsubishi Cedo (this might be wrong, I can't read my own handwriting)

We'll update this as we remember more :-D

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