Friday, January 12, 2007

January 9th: Day 14 in India

Bowling in India!

We woke up relatively late again, at 9 a.m. and had aloo parathas (boiled potato stuffed rotis) around 11. My sister had to go do Polio drop duty for a few hours so we shopped some more and then sat at a coffeehouse for a couple hours. After lunch there, we picked up my sister and her friend Sofia, and drove to Jalandhar.

That's where Sofia lives and had to be dropped off. We then went to a bowling alley were Jeff said, "This has to be the cleanest bowling alley ever!" We taught my parents and my sister how to bowl and I must say they are naturals! By the time they move here, they'll be beating us.

We stopped for dinner at Rangla Punjab, where they have a rural Punjab setting, with a magician, camel and horse rides, popcorn popped old style over coals in an iron pan, monkey handler with trick performing monkeys and all you can eat Punjabi food. Jeff and I got on the camel for a photo and I swear that I remember camels being much shorter than this time. We were scared. We came away stuffed though. They kept bringing food and you had to literally lie across your plate to stop them from putting it there.

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