Sunday, January 07, 2007

January 1 st: Day 6 in India

Beginning of a New Near!

A lot of the relatives left today. Even my sister had to go back and join her Medical internship. Madelyn and Prakash left for Delhi where they would stay with his sister.

We did some shopping, bought material for suits for me and Jeff and then took them to the tailor.
We also gave an order for prescription glasses for me. Jeff, Nate and I rode an autorickshaw for about 15 minutes. We went to my favorite sweets store in Ludhiana, Khushi Ram and Sons, and got some sweets.

We also took my mangal sutra back because I wanted a traditional design but my mom and sister had gotten me something that was "in fashion." I have learnt that people here are very conscious of what is and isn't in fashion.

We had an easy day today since we're leaving for Delhi tomorrow early morning for a 3 day tourist round.

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