Sunday, January 07, 2007

January 6th: Day 11 in India


We went to Chandigarh which is India's first planned town. We had tea by the Chandigarh Lake, a man made lake and visited the very interesting Rock Garden.

Then we went shopping at Sector 17, where they had the Kashmir, Punjab and Khadi Emporiums. The Kashmir emporium had beautiful hand carved furniture form walnut wood. I think I might have my parents bring us a wooden screen from there when they move.

We had lunch at a place called Hot Millions, where I had a really yummy Mexican Chilli and Cheese burger.

We tried shopping in Sector 22 where there are tiny stalls but in a very confusing pattern and after going around in circles twice, we left for my cousin's house. We were fed some more (no surprise) and had tea and fruits and sweets.

Dinner was at a family friends' house where once again, people worried that we weren't eating much and we over ate. Also got new glasses today.

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Aik68j said...

That is great going to India to eat Mexican food. Of course I went on a tour of Mexico and we ate at Greek, French, Swiss (no Cheese can you believe that) and a Pizza place (Pizza in Mexico needs a lot of work). Congradulations