Sunday, January 07, 2007

January 4th: Day 9 in India

Last day for Nate!

We woke up relatively late and left for the Bahai'i temple. We also went to the Qutab Minar. Almot everyhting that's really high is blocked off to visitors because people started jumping off of them. Idiots!

Then started our shopping. We went to something called the Dilli Haat, where we bought some handicrafts and had some chai. They were doing a showcase on Uttaranchal, the newest state of India. We watched a little bit of a folk dance being done.

Jeff and Nate learnt that they couldn't go into any of the stalls with me and my mom, so they would wait till we had bargained and then they would come up and pick out what they liked. Nate was ecstatic when, towards the end, he bargained himself and got some paintings cheaper than first offered.

Lunch was at the India Habitat Center. They had a food court, where we had an eclectic mix of gol gappas, spring rolls, baked potatoes and pizzas with mango lassis and sodas. We were stuffed ... but that is no different from every other meal we've been fed here.

Then, we went shopping at the Janpath market in Delhi. Tiny stalls of souvenirs, clothing, knick knacks ... lot's of bargaining. We had dinner at, once again hold your breath, TGIF! Very different but very good!

So, today brought the end of Nate's stay with us. We dropped him off at the airport at 9ish and said goodbye. He also took a suitcase full of stuff to be shipped to Maryland later because we weren't sure how much we'd gather after he left.

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Madelyn said...

Yay for Janpath!!! I bought gifts for my family there!